Sharath Chandra Telukunta, Partner at MGP Square, engaged in the business of Hardwares and Modular Kitchens located at New Bowenpally, would like to acknowledge the amazing services provided by Mr.Vikram Sinha of Wecare Pest Control. My association with Vikram began when he joined BNI. I was looking for getting pest control done at my house. Looking at the positive feedback from fellow members, I also thought of using the service. I was amazed by the committed service and follow-up. With utmost care, the job was done. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Vikram Sinha to my network. Thank you, Vikram. Best Regards Sharath Chandra.

Sharath Chandra Telukunta ,

This is Jigna Shah, from BrandU Image Consulting. I help individuals and corporates project the right image. I do personal consultations for individuals to enhance their personal and professional image. I conduct corporate workshops based on the specific needs of the company. I would like to give a testimonial for Vikram Sinha of We Care Pest Control, for giving timely services to my friends(Jyothi, Rohini, Padma, and Subhasini). They are very happy with his services. They really appreciated the professional behavior his technician exhibited during the service. They have used other pest control company for the last 8 years, the medicine that they use smells and burns in the eyes! The chemicals used by Vikram’s company does not smell or hurt the eyes. I would recommend Vikram to all my friends and family! Thank you, Vikram for the very prompt and professional service.
BrandU Image Consulting

Jigna Shah ,
BrandU Image Consulting
My name is Kiran. I am from MedFile. MedFile provides all the necessary technology to people and organizations who provide their invaluable services in the Healthcare industry. Vikram Sinha from We Care provides complete pest control services. I went to my aunt’s house on Sunday afternoon at about 3:30 PM. I saw a small bug in the kitchen and asked my aunt about pest control services. She said she did do get anything of that sort thinking it was very expensive. She was using the lakshman rekha. I immediately called Vikram regarding this and he said he could do it. I told him my aunt would not be available on weekdays. The people from We Care were at my aunt’s house by 5:30 PM on Sunday evening. My aunt was astonished at the time. None of the pest control services that I have worked with till date has given me a turn-around time of 2 hours. Incredible service. Hats off to Vikram and his team. I will get all my pest control services for my home, my relatives and my friends through Mr. Vikram. Thank you K Kiran Kumar Founder and Architect, MedFile


Kiran Kumar ,

This is Manish Patel from “MAGNUS uPVC” into the manufacturing of high-performance uPVC Windows & Doors. We are a one-stop solution provider for Schools, Colleges, Hotels, Hospitals & Apartments for their windows needs. It is my pleasure to provide this testimonial to Mr.Vikram Sinha from We Care Pest Control. I appreciate Vikram for his for outstanding service provided to us in terms of Quality & on time Service. Vikram prioritizes Relationship business over a business relationships, as opposed to realizing short term gains. He is commendable in his work of controlling pest & all kinds of termites. I will be more than happy to recommend Vikram Sinha of We care pest control & his team to any new prospective clients given their collaborative nature & very customer-centric on-time services. Wishing him Good Luck & All the very best for his future endeavors !! Thank You! Manish Patel Managing Director. Magnus uPVC.


Manish Patel ,
Vijay Durga Windoors Pvt Ltd

I approached Mr.Vikram Sihna from “WE CARE” Pest Control for my showroom in Lothkunta, where we have an open ground beside my showroom and rats are coming in my showroom. before I called Vikram Sinha my office watchman kept a rat poison chocolate and one rat has died and its unbearable smell, my staff members are unable to sit inside so, I think I will call Mr. Vikram Sinha, in hour time his people came to my showroom, one person is talking with me and the other one investigate the place where the rats are comings and he finished his work. I can appreciate his staff, they are very professional and the way they approach us and explained about where rats are coming is excellent, I definitely recommend Mr.Vikram Sinha “WE CARE” pest control to all my network. Thanks, Mr. Vikram Sihna for the service given to us. Wishing you all the best, Thanks and Regards, Manjula Raghuwar. (Director)


Manjula Raghuwar ,
Chitra Kars

On finding rats in our flat, we had tried glue pads available in the market; however, we could not catch the rats successfully. So desperately we made one call to Mr.Vikram; his team came within minutes, made an assessment and decided on a solution; then they patiently prepared special glue pads and placed it at strategic points in the flat. The next day morning we were greeted with a couple of rats trapped to the glue pads. We Care not only helped us to get rid of the problem but also in disposing of the rats safely; we have no hesitation in recommending his services to all our friends, relatives and associates in our network. We wish Mr.Vikram and his team all success. Thanking you, Yours sincerely, for Strategic HRD Consultancy Service, P.J.JAYAKUMAR DIRECTOR


Jayakumar P J ,
Straategic HRD Consultancy Service

It is my pleasure to provide this testimonial to Mr. Vikram Sinha from WE CARE PEST CONTROL. I appreciate Mr. Vikram for his outstanding service provided to us in terms of quality and on-time service. his passion towards business and his research on pest control are commendable. I will be more happy to recommend Mr. Vikram Sinha to my network and I would certainly recommend them to avail of his services and I wish him all the very best in his future endeavors. Thanking You, Sudarshan Mateti, Managing Director, SSVM Capital Links P Ltd.


Sudarshan Mateti ,
ssvm capital liknks pvt ltd

In order to express my gratitude for the high-quality service provided by two of your employees. – I’ve been with your company for 2 yrs now and every service call ends up the same… VERY SATISFIED. I must say it starts with your call center and ends up with me pulling away from my home knowing I am rid of any creepy crawlers until the next service call. Every service call with YOU is amazing. It’s like seeing an old friend every time. my problem with mosquito has been solved by your team. I appreciate the attitude and believe that WE CARE has trained their staff very professionally.


Rama Krishna Ganga ,
Santosh Travels
This testimonial is to Mr. Vikram Sinha, Chief Entomologist at M/s We Care Pest Control. Mr. Vikram Sinha was recently referred to Mr. Ashok of Kukatpally. Mr. Ashok was renovating an old apartment for the purpose of renting it out. Mr. Ashok says that the team of We Care Pest Control reached the apartment on time by taking prior appointment and went about their job in a very systematic and professional manner. He particularly highlighted the professional and smooth working style of We Care’s staff. I am completely satisfied with the services of Mr. Vikram Sinha and his team and will strongly recommend him to my networks.


P Sai Naresh Kumar ,
PRITHVI Wood Doors

I would like to acknowledge the amazing services provided by Mr.Vikram Sinha of We care Pest Control. My association with Vikram began when he joined BNI. I was looking for getting pest control done at my house. Looking at the positive feedback from the fellow members, i also thought of using the service.I was amazed by the commited service and follow-up. With utmost care the job was done.I have no hesitation in recommending MR.VIKRAM SINHA The quality of his work has been remarkably appreciated by my family and friends.


Shweta Sarda ,
Kriti Apparels