Bed Bugs

Species category: Bed bug and Flea

Scientific Name: Cimex hemipterus


Pest Description

The bed bug is a small, flattened, wingless, reddish-brown insect. This insect feed solely on the blood of warm-blooded animals including human beings. The adult is approximately 5-8 mm long whereas nymphs look similar to fully developed adults but are more yellowish-brown in colour.


Bed bugs are nocturnal; they infest mostly bedrooms and prefer to feed in darkness. They leave black faecal spots in the area of their harborage. When crushed or disturbed, bed bugs release unpleasant smell.


However, a bed bug causes sleeplessness. Before sucking blood the bed bug injects saliva secretion into the bloodstream which may give rise to itching sensation case of sensitive individuals. In most cases, a small, swollen rash may develop at the site of the bite. Bed bugs are not known to transmit any diseases,

Where to find them?

Throughout the daytime, these insects stay hidden in cracks and crevices of bed frames, in the gaps of floors, mattresses, curtain folds, behind electrical cables, pictures, photo frames, etc. Practically every possible location occupied by a human for long duration can be colonized by bed bugs. Hospitals, theaters, public transport, hostels, hotels are commonplaces of bed bug infestation.